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Located on the beautiful Croatian island Pag, in Jakišnica, only 100 m from the seashore, Apartments D&G offer you nature filled vacation, infused with sea, olive, immortelle, rosemary, and basil scent. 

Enjoy your stay!

Island of Pag

Pag is a fascinating island with unique geographical features, a colourfull vibrant community, rich cultural heritage and an exciting tourist offer. It is home of eponymous cheese, lamb and lace, all universally acknowledged, appreciated and celebrated around the globe!


Traditional Pag lace

Active vacation

Birdwatching at Kolanjsko Blato, the most extensive area of low marshy and sandy coastline and shoals, wide shallow bays, lagoons and protected straits in Croatian littoral.

The breathtaking scenery of the northern part of the Island of Pag is impossible to compare with anything else on the planet because it mostly resembles the Moon. Explore the area that is shaped by the bura wind on the bike.

The Sacred Triangle of Pag is a very popular tourist site that links three sacred spots where the Christian churches were built on the foundations of pagan places of worship. This rugged inaccessible area poses quite a challenge to all those who love to hike and presents a unique adventure, while offering wondrous views of the surroundings from the highest point of the island. 


Under the tree tops of thousand year old olive trees on the elongated arm of the north-west part of the island places Lun, Jakišnica, Potočnica, Dudići and Dražica are located. If you want to escape the urban crowd and find peace, these are the places for your vacation. Taste the specialties of Pag, cheese, lamb and good domestic wine with the music of crickets which disturbs the refreshing silence of these peaceful places.

Drago and Gordana

Married for 38 years, Drago and Gordana love each other, especially when it comes to teasing one another. They will be your hosts for your stay, so feel free to ask for anything.

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